In the business world, success stories are beacons that illuminate the path towards progress and innovation. On this occasion, we want to share with you the story of how Grupo Promerica has managed to reach new heights through the implementation of Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM). Since its foundation 32 years ago, the group has been committed to providing exceptional solutions to its clients, and this experience with Oracle EPM has been a milestone that reaffirms its commitment to excellence

With a 32 year track record in the global market, Grupo Promerica has established itself as a benchmark in the Financial sector. With a presence in 9 countries and a team of 15.000 passionate professionals, they’ve achieved consistently growing sales and a corporate culture rooted in innovation and teamwork.

An important differentiator for Grupo Promerica is customer service. This pillar is fundamental, and has allowed it to strengthen its presence and maintain it in countries such as Panama, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Guatemala and the Cayman Islands. Generating benefits for its clients in their inter-country business.

Striving for Excellence: The Oracle EPM Project

The Oracle EPM project to Grupo Promerica involved finance, technology people, risk agents and related areas, including financial planning, internal audit and budgeting personnel, who play a vital role in the analysis and optimization of our financial and strategic processes. The motivation for this project was the ongoing commitment to improve and exceed standards. Before the implementation the processes were manual and this made the processes not as efficient as they wanted, then this implementation allowed the group to benefit greatly by offering a more efficient and accurate business management.

“The implementation of Oracle EPM was an exciting and challenging phase. It took ten months from inception to go live and we have since been up and running since January 2022. The tangible results have been amazing. We have been able to reduce the processing time for financial statements, consolidated financial statements and reporting. We have increased the accuracy of forecasts, optimized the time to generate analyses and accessed information remotely in real time. The flexibility and adaptability offered by the tool has allowed us to adapt to the particularities of the group, for example in the generation of different versions of financial statements according to the requirements.”

Juan Rodríguez

Regional Finance Manager – Grupo Promerica

“Having the information backed up more securely was one of the most important advances because Grupo Promerica used to back up information manually, on computers or a server. When we made the leap to the cloud, we realized that it is a more stable way of having the information and that it allows you to access it from the web in real time”

Choosing Oracle: Ize Consultores as a great partner

Juan Rodriguez indicates that it took them a year and a half to evaluate the most popular and largest systems on the market, including Oracle, SAP, among others. “We made site visits to see the system working in companies where it was already implemented because we wanted to see the day to day of the system as such and in the end we opted for Oracle because of the flexibility in being able to adapt some things of the system to what Grupo Promerica was looking for and this part convinced us. We really liked the system when we went to see it live with a client in Guatemala, having the opportunity to talk to the users who gave us very good feedback.”

“The experience with Ize Consultores has been great, they have been very attentive throughout the process, they were with us and helped us in all the configurations we had to do. The communication has excellent, for time management and activities that need to be scheduled. This part for the support has been absolutely positive and still is since Ize Consultores continues to support us. In addition to that the availability as all the time they have been there when we need a consultation.”

Taking a step into the future is a piece of advice that Juan Rodriguez gives to companies, since many times they are used to manual processes, but it is necessary to look for automation, high quality systems that allow decision making and report generation with greater efficiency. We hope this story inspires others to pursue excellence and embrace innovation as a catalyst for positive change in their own organizations. Together, we can achieve great things!